Blue Alliance People Ops – Timecard & Paycheck Review Policies

Timecard and Paycheck Review Policies are essential as they establish clear guidelines for accurate time tracking and paycheck processing. These policies ensure employees are compensated fairly, promoting trust and job satisfaction. They also aid in maintaining legal compliance, preventing potential legal issues and fines. Moreover, these policies create consistency and fairness among employees, reducing conflicts and misunderstandings. By providing a framework for transparent compensation practices, Timecard and Paycheck Review Policies contribute to a harmonious work environment, where employees can focus on their tasks, confident that their time and efforts are valued and rewarded appropriately.

This policy outlines expectations related to employees reviewing and approving their timecards and paychecks on a bi-weekly basis. Employees are expected to adhere to this policy to ensure accurate and timely payment.

This policy applies to all hourly/non-exempt employees.

Employees of the company are paid on a bi-weekly basis. It is expected that each employee will review and approve their timecard at the end of each pay period to ensure their check is complete and accurate for any time worked.

Employees are expected to approve their timecard via the HRIS (Paycom) by 8 AM on the Monday prior to payroll Friday.

Employees may reference the following Paycom guides on how to approve their timecards via the mobile app or the website.

Employees will receive a prompt via Paycom each Tuesday prior to payroll. This prompt will come via email and push notification directly to employees’ phones/inbox to log into Paycom to approve their paycheck. The email prompt will look like the below.

Employees are expected to review the paycheck preview for accuracy-related to hours worked, taxes and deductions. Employees must approve paychecks prior to 11am EST on the Wednesday of payroll.

Employees may reference the following Paycom guides on how to review and approve their paychecks via the mobile app or the website.

Employees can submit punch change requests via Paycom for any time punches that may not be accurate or reflect time worked. Employees should refer to the following Paycom guides on how to submit a punch change request via the mobile app or the website.

Any issues outside of punch change requests with either timecards or paycheck approvals must be reported directly to their manager or emailed to immediately.

Noncompliance/failure to complete the review process will be taken as an agreement that either timecard and/or paycheck is accurate.

A pattern of missed timecard or paycheck approvals, such that result in correcting payments after paycheck has been issued, may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination.