MG – Awards Ceremony – 2012

Fourth Annual Awards Ceremony
May 8, 2012 – Mayerson JCC

Click HERE for photos from the Awards Ceremony

THANKS to the more than 300 people who attended the 2011-2012 Magnified Giving Student Philanthropy Program Awards Ceremony! Program funders, students and teachers from 21 different high schools, parents, friends, and representatives from 22 different non-profit agencies. The evening was a celebration of the work that the students did this year, an opportunity for funders to see how their money was invested, and a recognition of the great work that our non-profit community does for our city!

Donor Reception
This year we held a special reception program donors, those that have provided financial contributions to Magnified Giving over the past several years. We were lucky enough to have numerous benefactors join us for this reception. Thanks to Heidi Keppler, Mike and Annette Sussli, and Roseanne Hendrixson for organizing this portion of our event, as well as helping with the table decorations for the main ceremony.

Student Leadership
Mount Notre Dame Youth Philanthropy Council Members hosted this year’s Award Ceremony. Emcee and program coordinator Shae Douglass (’12) did an excellent job of coordinating the entire program. Special thanks to Abbie Day (’12), Jaci Damon (’12), Kelli Harmon (’12), Kelsey Green (’13), Laura Hendrixson (’12), Katelyn Sussli (’12), Kathryn Zapf (’14), Rachel Zapf (’15), Caroline Ray (’12), Lizzie Schnicke (’13),  Liz Nguyen (’12), Zai Johns (’13), Ellie Diemer (’12) and Emily Baur (’14) for their help with both on-stage and off-stage assistance with our event.  Special thanks to Megan Grout (’12) for her photgraphic expertise.

Roger Grein Spirit of Philanthropy Award
This year we were happy to present the Second Annual Roger Grein Spirit of Philanthropy Award to one deserving student and teacher. The winner were Ian Dollenmayer (student) and Al Kovacic (teacher).

Ian Dollenmayer – Covington Catholic (Student)
Ian, a senior at Covington Catholic, stepped up a studet leader of his program and his heart was touched.  Mr. Rich Andolina, Ian’s teacher, commented “Ian’s desire some day is to enter the Law Profession. With his knowledge and enthusiasm for philanthropy, I would not be surprised if he did not become a philanthropist himself in the future.”  Click HERE to read Ian’s essay.

Al Kovacic – Seton High School (Teacher)
Mr. Kovacic has participating in the program since its beginning, teaching over 500 students the power of philanthropy through his classroom.  Many student have taken what they have learned through the program and gone on to do amazing things – raising substantial amounts of money for charity, starting their own non-profit agency, and more! Congratulations Mr. Kovacic!

Check Presentations
Checks were presented to the organizations. Students and teachers from each of the schools presented checks to the non-profit agencies they selected as their recipients. Representatives from each school spoke briefly about why they chose their agency. Agency representatives then told us a little bit about how the money would be be put to use.


Video Production
Media Bridges was hired to film our Award Ceremony and to interview various students, teachers, agency representatives and benefactors.  The video is still in production, but you can the latest version by clicking HERE!  Special thank you to Media Bridges, especially Lee Snow for her hard work in producing our video.

Wrap Up
The evening again concluded with an appeal for students to take what they have learned, to become wise and educated investors and educated philanthropists. Everyone was invited to become financial supporters of this program, and to identify forward-thinking individuals and organizations that would be excited to see their money pass through the hands of students before making its way to effective non-profit agencies.
Special Thanks
Sr. Judy Tensing – Food was once again catered by her outstanding organization, Power Inspires Progress, a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping women and men learn job-readiness skills.
Mark Lamb –  Mark is the Facilities Manager at the Mayerson JCC and he took great care of us and allowed us access to several additional rooms at the JCC.