Blue Alliance IT Service Program – Liberty, KY Trip

Dates TBA

Rediscover the important things in life while serving others.

Trip Highlights

♦ Work with friends on their organic farms, helping with gardening and construction projects
♦ Spend time with our with differently-abled friends at the Galilean Children’s Home (Galilean Home TikTok)
♦ Work with our Amish and Mennonite friends and experience their culture
♦ Enjoy evening cookouts, live music, volleyball, and frisbee
♦ Activities may include: hayride, horse-and-buggy ride, flying (see info video), hiking, riding quads, and target shooting

“The most beautiful things in life aren’t things. The people in Liberty are amazing human beings who strive to lead happy and simple lives every day. I learned so much from witnessing their unique lifestyles.  I can’t wait to go back!”  – Past participant

About Liberty, KY

Liberty is a small town about 3 hours south of Cincinnati, tucked into the hills of Casey County in central Kentucky. Venturing to Liberty is a way to escape city-life and to learn about simplicity and a chance to get in touch with nature and the beauty, and challenge, of growing food organically. It is an opportunity to share our lives with friends who live a very simple lifestyles in a faith-based community. We will work alongside our farming friends – working with them, not for them.  Joining me in Liberty is an opportunity to meet some amazing people from around the world, folks with life stories that will stretch your mind.  A Liberty trip will help you unwind, relax, and live in the moment.


Before coming to Blue Alliance, I spent 33 years as a high-school teacher.   I began leading adults and teens on trips to Liberty in the summer of 1988. The frequency of the trips quickly grew into a quarterly venture, and I have been blessed to have led over 120 group trips to Liberty.  Around 2000 different teens and 500 different adults have travelled with me to Liberty, KY, with most making multiple trips.  People young and old frequently tell me they can’t wait to get back “home” to Liberty – to reconnect with each other, slow down, breathe, and get grounded.

New Opportunity

Now that I am working at Blue Alliance, I am very excited to share the experience with a whole new group of wonderful people.  I know that with our Service Grant, this trip will be a great opportunity to bring us together as we work to build community among our family of companies. Liberty will be an experience you will not regret – I guarantee it.

Accommodations, Costs, Transportation

♦ Accommodations: We have various accommodation options available.   Details to come once we firm up a date.
♦ Cost: Get yourself there and everything else will be free.
♦ Transportation: Carpool for Cincinnati or meet us there.

Liberty, KY ~ Informational Video (9 mins)