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Roger Grein is a Cincinnati businessman, philanthropist and speaker. On these pages he shares with you his personal story, and the charities close to his heart. Roger also speaks about the life-changing financial challenges he has faced in the past few years, and the amazing power that his faith in God and the goodness of others have had on his life.
Use these pages to learn where Roger will speak next, or about his travels to an orphanage in Mexico, his philanthropy, or about his long involvement with sports. And feel free to contact Roger with any questions, to arrange a speaking engagement or to learn more about his journey. He wants to hear from you.

A Poem
Thelma and Frank Grein adopted Roger, and with Frank away at war Thelma learned of Roger's disabilities. Some said don't expect much. Some said take the boy back. Thelma loved Roger instead, completely, and at her passing this poem was composed as but a brief testimony of her struggle, perseverance and faith. Click HERE to read the poem written by Anne Brennan, csj, and Janice Brewi, csj, in memoriam of Thelma Grein, June 15, 2013

Student Philanthropy Program
Roger instituted a Student Philanthropy Program at numerous universities, whereby students learn philanthropy by awarding money to helping organizations in their own communities.  This program preceded the Magnified Giving high school program. Click HERE to read about his collegiate program in the Chronicles of Philanthropy.

Mower-Boy CD Now Available!
Roger's Mower-Boy CD, A Story of Inspiration, is now available. Listen to how God has walked with Roger through his life, from his early brush with abortion to his long-shot successes in business and sports. For a complimentary CD, email Roger today at

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