Blue Alliance IT – Service Program


Welcome to the Blue Alliance Community Service Program.  Here you will find service information for all employees in our Blue Alliance family of companies.  This information will help you grow as people by giving of your time, talent and treasure through community service and philanthropic endeavors.  Lets work together to help build ourselves, each other and our communities by serving others and taking advantage of our Service Grant Benefit.

Service Grant Hours (SGH) – A Tremendous Blue Alliance Benefit

Did you know that Blue Alliance employees are given an incredible paid benefit called Blue Alliance’s Service Grant? Each year you’re given 40 Service Grant Hours (SGH) for you to use to give back to the community!  Blue Alliance founders are committed to helping each of us grow into becoming the best versions of ourselves, and there is no better way to do that than by serving others.

Your Service Grant Hours gift can be used during work hours (with manager’s permission) or outside of work hours.   Each service experience can be as little as one hour and as many as 40 hours.  If you serve outside of normal work hours (ex: serve food at a soup kitchen one evening), we just require that you take your comp time during the same week as you serve.  Check out the FAQ section below.

Take advantage of this great gift of time to make a difference in your community!

Contact: Todd Forman (

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Detroit, MI
Memphis, TN
Oklahoma City, OK