MG – Student Philanthropy Program

Charitable Giving…Being Magnified!

The Student Philanthropy Program is the cornerstone program of Magnified Giving.  The concept is simple – give a group of high school students the opportunity to invest a sizeable amount of money into the Greater Cincinnati non-profit community.  Empower them to become junior philanthropists, entrusting them to wisely invest valuable financial resources. Introduce them to philanthropists and foundation representatives, allow them to make decisions and develop leadership skills, and set high expectations for them, having them be accountable for their decisions.  

The result?  Students learn how to become wise philanthropists, quality decision-makers who invest money wisely into well-researched, quality non-profit agencies.  Their minds are touched.  But more importantly, the students' hearts are touched by the philanthropists they meet, the stories they hear, the agencies they visit and the impact their work has on the community.

What do students in our student philanthropy program do?

   • learn about philanthropy and philanthropic organizations
   • discuss the social concerns and needs of their communities
   • identify non-profits that meet those concerns and needs
   • contact agencies in the area of focus they choose
   • modify the basic Magnified Giving Grant Application
   • invited agencies of their choosing to apply for grants
   • evaluate the completed Grant Applications
   • visit agencies to see first-hand what they do
   • fundraise to increase their grant-making potential
   • discuss the different agencies they are considering
   • decide which agency to support
   • notify the agencies of their decisions
   • present a check to the winning agency
   • celebrate their successful completion
   • stay connected to the agency to monitor their investment

How is this accomplished? 
The Student Philanthropy Program can be implemented in one of four ways:

  • as a stand-alone extra curricular program
  • as part of an extra curricular existing club or organization
  • as part of a community service/social justice class
  • as part of a traditional academic class (English or Social Studies, for example) 

Since 2008, the student philanthropy model has been tested in each of these different ways, and IT WORKS.  It works well with all grade levels, as a one time experience or as a program that students can join year after year, and it touches the lives of young men as well as young women. This year, nearly 50 Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, Springfield and Cleveland high schools are participating in the program.  Over 2500 students will be touched by the power of philanthropy this year!

Learn More…
If you are interested in learning more about the Student Philanthropy Program or would like to have the program introduced at your favorite high school, please contact Todd Forman (Program Director) at or Roger Grein (Founder/Executive Director) at  If you are a high school teacher and would like to apply to be a part of our program, visit our School Application page.