Blue Alliance IT Service Program – 2023 Recap

A Year of Service

On behalf of our company leadership, we would like to thank all of you who have participated in serving your community during the 2023 calendar year!   Over 1000 of hours of service was recorded by our employees through programs offered in the Cincinnati area through Blue Alliance. When you include the family and friends they brought along to the service events, the number of hours served by our team jumps to 1400 hours.  Using the Independent Sector Research Report, this equates to a bit more than $44,500 of value given to non-profit organizations – just in the Cincinnati area alone!  Additionally, dozens of employees across the country invested time volunteering this year – either using the Service Grant Hours or simply doing service on their own time.  Thank you!

Service Grant Hours

According to our HR system, the following people took advantage of Service Grant Hours and took time off to serve in their communities:

Types of Service

Social Causes
To help focus our impact this year, team members were invited to record their service to one of the six social cause areas indicated above.  Upon completion, the volunteers were invited to record their hours through our website.  Service to organizations addressing Hunger & Poverty, Children, and Environment were the most popular this year.

Community Building and House Building
To bring team members from various companies together, two week-long service experiences were held to beautiful Asheville, NC to help build homes for Habitat for Humanity.  Sixteen different employees participated in the trips, many memorable experiences were shared and friendships formed.  CLICK HERE for photos, reflections and information on our trips.

Many Other Experiences
CLICK HERE for a partial list of the different types of service experiences our employees had during 2023.

Service Challenge 2023

Thanks to the 90 team members who registered for the 2023 Service Challenge!  This fun event encouraged all employees to commit to using some or all of their Service Grant Hours during 2023.  Congrats to these Challengers who met or exceeded their personal service hour goal: Sean Barron (BECA), Dale Eggenschwiller (Skynet), Todd Forman (BA), Ryan Gleason (PFIT), Dave Heilmann (PatientSync), Amanda Lawrence (Skynet), Jourdin Lewis (PFIT), Josh Muston (PFIT), Greg Stegman (PFIT), Catherine Steine (BA), Mallory Suchanek (BA), Terrance Truitt (BA), Gavin Wilson (PFIT) and Colin Wynn (Skynet).

Special Recognition
 to Terrance Truitt, Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance (BA) who led the way and recorded 95 hours of service this year.   Congrats to these individuals who served 40 or more hours this year: Sean Barron (BECA), Dale Eggenschwiller (Skynet), Todd Forman (BA), Amanda Lawrence (Skynet), Josh Muston (PFIT), and Gavin Wilson (PFIT).

  • It was great to serve families going through medical treatments, yet they were so thankful that we were doing it.
  • We made packed over 100 meals going to children in Kenya!
  • Building a house is hard work! Lots of stucco under homes was a new experience for me.
  • Teachers have time crunches like the rest of us, and assisting them with administrative functions allows them to focus efforts more on the children.
  • Being a school teacher is a challenging job. There are so many unique challenges that each child brings with them. Young children are impressionable and providing positive adult role-models in their lives is something that is very important.
  • All hope in the world unfairly lies in its children.
  • This was such a fun experience. I was able to be in my son’s classroom and meet his classmates and parents. I learned how children enjoy the small things in life and its beautiful to see.
  • At a girls flag football game, even though it’s supposed to be no contact they actually hit harder than the boys do.
  • This was my 11 time refereeing this event and whenever you have the pleasure of work long with individuals with special needs it helps you to see the positive in any situation. The pure joy that they exude regardless of score is awe inspiring.
  • Youth love to be given opportunity to show what they are capable of. There are a lot of really great young people who have a heart for servant leadership.
  • I experienced the joy of helping individuals get back to being whole.
  • I learned that the community is much stronger when we come together to share resources, and to bring hope to those who may have lost it.
  • The dinner was to honor each FCCLA member’s VIP. It was get to assist as needed but I was amazed at the committee member’s hard work. They have meet several times to prepare the invitations, gifts, food, decorate, and so much more. The organization is helping them develop leadership, independence and public speaking.
  • I learned that providing our time as volunteers really helps these organizations function to meet their objectives and goals. Especially for Inspiredu as they are heavily reliant on volunteers giving their time in-person and remotely.
  • It is truly heartbreaking how many people don’t have essential items that we take for granted here in the United States.
  • Love doing bed builds and deliveries with my kiddo. Being able to make a kids/families day is a wonderful event.
  • I knew nothing about the construction of a home. The HFH team did a great job of not only explaining how to complete the task but why we were doing it. I worked closely with Marshall Taylor and we provided me with additional knowledge on the tasks we were completing.
  • World conditions have people looking for answers.
  • The family we visited were living in horrible conditions. We brought bunk beds for two teenage sisters. They were very excited and thankful for the beds. I wish we could have done more for them.
  • We packed over 85,500 meals. Learned more about Eswatini and their country’s issues with HIV and children without fathers.
  • This was a wonderful experience for me to give kids the opportunity to access the game of golf that would not have the financial means if it was not for youth on course. Golf helps develop physical activity, social interaction, patience, problem solving and integrity. These skill will help you become a better in all phases of your life.
  • Volunteering with TOPSoccer is of my favorite things to do in my free time. I love bringing joy to others and creating long-term relationships from this program.
  • I enjoyed seeing other families that had already moved into the neighborhood where homes were previously built by Habitat for Humanity. It was rewarding to know that my efforts would contribute to a family living there.
  • Gardening/Farming work is non stop and can also be a quick reward to see the difference a little work can do.

Group Activities
A Child’s Hope Int’l (OH)
Building Blocks for Kids (OH)
Cincinnati Parks (OH)
Down Syndrome Assn (OH)
Gorman Heritage Farm (OH)
Habitat for Humanity (NC)
Habitat for Humanity (OH)
InReturn (OH)
La Soupe (OH)
Lion’s Club (FL)
Matthew 25 Ministries (OH)
MetroParks (OH)
New Life Furniture (OH)
Payton’s Lemonade Stand (OH)
Ronald McDonald House – Dayton (OH)
Ronald McDonald House – Cincinnati (OH)
Scrap2Home (OH)
Scurry Event (OH)
Sleep in Heavenly Peace (OH)
St. Vincent de Paul (OH)
Tender Mercies (OH)
Valley Interfaith Resource Center (OH)

A Child’s Hope Int’l (OH)
A Picture’s Worth (OH)
Camp Twin Lakes (GA)
Canongate Elementary School (GA)
Center Middle School (MS)
Church Work (South Korea)
Cincinnati TOPSoccer (OH)
Cub World Adventure Camp (OH)
Fayette County Fair (OH)
Garver Family Farm Market (OH)
Go Trip (South Africa)
Gorman Heritage Farm (OH)
Great Commission Church (MS)
Hawaii Food Bank (HI)
Honor Flight Tri-State (FL)
InspiredU (GA)
Liberty, KY Service Trip (KY)
Lion’s Club (FL)
Matthew 25 Ministries (OH)
Queen City Book Bank (OH)
Ross Girls Softball Club (OH)
Score.Org (SD)
Sleep in Heavenly Peace (OH)
TEDxYouth@Dayton (OH)
Tender Mercies (OH)
Terrace Park Elementary (OH)
Wheels (OH)

Challenging YOU in 2024

While we had a good year, we have a great opportunity to increase the impact we can make on our communities in 2024.  We challenge each of you to use some or all of your Service Grant Hours this coming year.  Click the button to join us for the Challenge:

Thanks and Reach Out Anytime

Thanks for all you do. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need help getting started.   I have helped many BA employees get connected to meaningful service experiences in their regions and I am happy to help you find a fulfilling volunteer experience.

Todd Forman
Director of Community
Blue Alliance